Friday, June 22, 2012

Our First Post

So after a few weeks of trying to have this FINALLY we are done!!

This blog was made to share with all and have a place where we can have info, pics of Oasis Stuff around the world. Just the way of what was

Official Albums, Singles, Lps, Promos, DVDs around the world you can find here. And we will love to have more and more.

Most of the stuff are mine and at this time stuff from Flávio Ortega

In a few hours i will start to upload pics and info.

NOTE: We won´t post audio or video of this kind of stuff cause its official. We only want to share with all the info and images of what Oasis has around the music world.

And if you want to share your stuff please send:

  • Catalouge Number
  • Country of Origin
  • Pics (If you can scan or take pics in HQ will be great)
  • Year

Also im interested in still collecting stuff if you can to sale or trade please contact me at


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